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Yonique Hendricks


Parent Ambassador

Yonique is a dedicated parent ambassador for Parents of Waterbury (POW), a collaborative Action Network for the Waterbury Bridge to Success (BTS) Community Partnership.

Her primary role revolves around amplifying the voices and experiences of parents and families, utilizing their valuable insights to generate innovative ideas that advance the mission and vision of BTS. This mission seeks to “Build, Transform, and Sustain” the well-being of Waterbury’s children, youth, and families in their educational, professional, and personal lives.

Yonique actively engages with the community, serving as an integral member of Black Women United and various other community partners. Through these experiences, she recognizes the significance of parental advocacy and the power of parent voices. Alongside her fulfilling role as a proud mother of three, Yonique also dedicates her time to serving as a Housing Coordinator for the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (DMHAS).

Yonique’s aspirations within POW extend beyond mere participation. She aims to ensure that resources are effectively allocated to areas of greatest need and to actively listen to those seeking support, facilitating the implementation of impactful solutions.