Organized Around Key Outcomes

Focused on continuous improvement

For all children in the Waterbury community

Phase One

These programs are for children ages 4-6 ready to enter kindergarten.

Phase Two

Waterbury students meet the goal level expectations in 3rd grade reading.

Phase Three

Waterbury students have the skill set to transition from 5th grade to 6th grade.

Phase Four

Waterbury students have the skill set to transition from 6th to 7th grade.

Phase Five

Waterbury students successfully graduate high school in 4 years.

Phase Six

Graduates are career ready with a college degree or certificate.

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To ensure the success of all children in Bridge to Success, we are focused on results, improving upon what works, and changing what doesn’t. We recognize that every individual and organization that impacts our children’s growth, from cradle to career, is accountable, and that our collective voice is a part of the solution.

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BTS is a cross-sector partnership of over 90 community and civic leaders, educators, and organizations.

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You can also support your community by helping fund a BOOST program! The BOOST! Community Schools Initiative brings integrated support services directly on campus at our four PreK-8 schools – Carrington, Duggan, Gilmartin & Reed.

You can learn more about our BOOST program and all of the providers already working in the schools by clicking here!

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