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Re-established in 2021, Parents of Waterbury (POW) is a Family Engagement collaborative action network (CAN) led by parents to bring together a community of parents & caregiver for advocacy, joy & sharing of resources.

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Waterbury Public Schools

Sparkler App (Code: WBS)

Let’s Talk About Race (English Guide)

Hablaremos De Raza (Guia en Espanol)

PBS Kids for Parents

My Reflection Matters

The Tom Flickin Show | Jesse Turner, Chemay Morales-James & Genese Clark

The Impact Of The Sheff v. O’Neill School Desegregation Agreement | Althea Marshall Brooks, Jacqueline Rabe Thomas & John C. Brittain

Dateline New Haven: School Desegregation | Althea Marshall Brooks, Chemay Morales-James & Dr. Vanessa Liles

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Connecticut Parent & Caregiver Feedback Survey

The Connecticut Office of Early Childhood is offering Sparkler — a free app to support family engagement for families with children from birth through age 5. The Sparkler team needs YOUR feedback to understand the needs of your family and young children to improve how the Sparkler app can support you and families across Connecticut. Take the survey below:

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