BTS Training Series


Are you a parent raising Black or Brown children in or near Waterbury and are not sure how to best support your kids in developing healthy racial and ethnic identities? Schedule a groundbreaking 3-day workshop series that provides you with the tools and strategies you need to raise liberated youth. And to boot, all participants receive a free copy of our Family Resource Guide (include link to BTS Publications)! To bring this Training Series to your organization, please complete our Inquiry Form.

BTS Training Series

Youth Talk Back!

This 6-session talk back series engages youth in conversations about race, racism, movement building, and liberation based on the book and movie The Hate U Give. Check out our events page to register for our next scheduled series or schedule a talk back series at your own organization by completing our Inquiry Form.

BTS Training Series

Cultural Responsiveness

This two-day learning series is for practitioners providing direct services to youth interested in improving how they respond to and meet their needs equitably. The following questions are explored with participants:

  • Why are culturally responsive practices necessary?
  • What do culturally responsive practices look like?
  • What beliefs, policies, and practices need to be challenged when aiming for equity?
  • What next steps should be considered when adopting culturally responsive practices to move your organization towards equity?

Check out our events page to register for our next scheduled series or bring the training directly to your organization by completing our Inquiry Form.

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