Connect with Hermy:


Hermy Ventura


Boost! Site Coordinator

Hermy Ventura is a passionate and dedicated Site Coordinator for Waterbury Bridge to Success’s (BTS) BOOST! Community Schools Initiative. BTS has led the BOOST! Community Schools Initiative since 2016. This approach builds partnerships between schools and community resources to integrate academics, health and social services, youth and community development, and community engagement. The goal is to improve student learning, strengthen families, and promote healthier communities. Services are provided directly at Waterbury Public School’s free pre-K-8 institutions, Carrington, Duggan, Gilmartin, Reed, and Wendell Cross, through strategic partnerships and a collaborative effort.

Hermy’s primary role involves providing on-site support to school administration, BOOST providers, and program participants. However, behind the scenes, Hermy also showcases his talent as an in-house photographer and content developer, capturing precious moments and tying his passion for community with every shot.

Hermy’s strong background in advancing racial equity in public education, positive youth development, family engagement, and collective impact fuels his commitment to helping as many people as possible within his role. He is proud of his work as a Field Organizer for Jahana Hayes and Team Leader for the Covid Project, which helped Jahana Hayes win her election race. Additionally, Hermy holds a certificate from the Seat Program and played an instrumental role in vaccinating the entire city of Waterbury through Grace Baptist Church’s Covid Project.

In his spare time, Hermy enjoys playing basketball and turning his dreams into reality. He attended Wilby High School in the city.