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Ana Iturbides


TCI Project Director

Ana Iturbides, MBA, is the TCI Project Director for the Waterbury Bridge to Success (BTS) Community Partnership. With a wealth of experience in community work, Ana is dedicated to transforming the Waterbury community by decreasing health disparities among BIPOC people, increasing access to competent healthcare, and implementing strategies that improve the health status of Waterbury residents.

As the TCI Project Director for the Waterbury Bridge to Success (BTS) Community Partnership, Ana is leading the charge to transform the Waterbury community by reducing health disparities, enhancing community wellness, and building resilience. One of Ana’s primary areas of focus is the mental health and substance abuse crisis currently facing the community. Through strategic planning and collaborations with community providers and stakeholders, she is working to address these critical issues head-on.

With over 20 years of experience in the Waterbury community, Ana brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her role as TCI Project Director. She is committed to making Waterbury a healthier community by implementing programs and initiatives that target areas of greatest need. With her extensive experience in community work and healthcare, she is uniquely qualified to take on this important role. She has worked as a community health worker and a clinical case manager at both of the city hospitals and volunteered for the Malta House of Care for over 5 years. Ana served as an interpreter, referral specialist, and case manager in these roles, gaining invaluable experience in community healthcare. Her goal is to create a community that is better equipped to deal with the challenges of our society, and that is more resilient, more united, and more supportive of its members.

Her personal healthcare journey and community experience serve as the driving force behind her unrelenting passion for medical, social, and racial justice. Her dedication to raising her children to face the challenges of our society with strength and resilience is one of her proudest accomplishments. Standing on the shoulders of her ancestors, Ana leads by example, demonstrating her strength, and grit for her children, family, friends, and community.

Outside of work, Ana loves to go for long walks alone or with family and friends. She invests time in reflection, meditation, and spiritual connections. As a proud mother of four, Ana’s most precious time is spent with her two living children. Her unwavering commitment to her family and community inspires those around her.

Ana holds a Master of Business Administration from The University of Bridgeport and a Bachelor of Science from Charter Oak State College.