23 Mar

Teaching Black & LatinX Studies in CT

The Ungroup Society is collaborating with Yale University / Dr. Daniel HoSang – Associate Professor of Ethnicity, Race and Migration and American Studies on an instructional webinar designed to help teachers and educators train for teaching Afro/Latino/a curriculum The Anti Racist Teaching and Learning Collaborative is spotlighting The Ungroup Society’s efforts to reimagine education in the 21st century. In conjunction with lead instructor Dr. Kelly K. Hope they will be covering the effectiveness of community collaboration in developing curriculum that enhances...

11 Oct

Indoor Games For Kids

Indoor games work well as introductory activities on the first day of school. They allow students to get to know each other in a nonthreatening, playful environment. Indoor games also solve the problem of what to do for recess during rainy days: They give students an opportunity to move around the class, but in a controlled manner. Around the World This simple game is popular with middle school students because it gets them out of their seats and allows them to attempt...

11 Oct

Why School Is Important

Spending eight long hours every day at the same old building filled with obnoxious children of different ages isn’t as easy as one thinks it to be. What’s more, the never-ending homework that accompanies the students only adds to the hatred towards school. Undoubtedly, school is annoying and boring with a lot of effort going towards attaining good grades. Nonetheless, school is highly important; hence, the reason why your parents pressurize you to work so hard. Giving school a miss...