BTS does not work in a vacuum. It works with and for Waterbury partners, youth, and families.




Bts brings together Waterbury leadership, parents, youth, and countless dedicated folks who work in our community to achieve equitable change. We strive to empower Waterbury's youth to become successful in school, career, and life. 


We focus on four directions:

  • Promote positive social/emotional skills
  • Promote early literacy
  • Ensure youth graduate from high school on time
  • Provide post-secondary education and career access for youth

To do so, BTS facilitates and organizes three monthly Collaborative Action Networks (CANs) and two Think Tanks to infiltrate the rest of our work.



The Three CANs:


I. Early Childhood CAN

Co-Chair: Dionne Johnson (Wellmore) & Karen Rainville (Waterbury School Readiness)

The early childhood CAN focuses on trauma-informed care, social-emotional learning, and kindergarten readiness.


II. Positive Youth Development CAN

Chair: David Burgos (Connecticut Junior Republic)

The Positive Youth Development  CAN brings together Waterbury youth providers such as Boy Scouts, Boys and Girls club, and the YMCA to improve and promote the developmental assets, motivate academic outcomes, and improve high school graduation rates.


III. Career Pathways CAN

Chair: Cathy Awwad (Northwest Regional Workforce Investment Board)

The Career Pathways CAN supports financial literacy of high school students, workforce development and college readiness support.



The Two Think Tanks:


I. Equity Matterz Think Tank

Co-chair:Jacquee Porter (Save Girls on F.Y.E.R) and Chemay Morales James (My Reflection Matters)

There are large gaps between the academic achievements of White students and Black and Brown students. This is unacceptable. BTS strives for equitable outcomes for ALL Waterbury children and youth. Equity Matterz TT strategizes, discusses, and analyzes data, practices, and (potential) interventions.


II. Family Engagement Think Tank

Chair: Angela Holmes (Waterbury Hospital, Community Outreach)

Having a focus on (young) children and youth automatically implies we support a lot of families. At BTS we understand that parents are children's first educators and that families often know their children best. Engaging families in any and all conversations and making them feel welcome, safe, and supported to do so is our goal. 



We invite you to join us in continuing to help Waterbury’s youth succeed in school, work and life - join us today!


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