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BTS' four indicators


BTS and partners focus on four indicators to achieve equitable change among Waterbury's children, youth, and families:
I) Kindergarten readiness
II) Third-grade reading
III) High school graduation
IV) College and career readiness
Over the past few weeks, BTS sent out a mailing on each indicators. These mailings can be viewed by clicking on each of the above indicators.


BTS baseline report card


The Bridge to Success Community Partnership released a Community Report Card in 2015.  This report card was Waterbury’s first step at taking a look at child and youth data, and unpacking it by gender, race/ethnicity, and economic status. The report card showed significant disparities that exist across child and youth outcomes, especially based on race/ethnicity. . Please click here to view the 2015 BTS Community Report Card



In 2017, BTS received grants to begin implementing the Boost model in four Waterbury PreK-8 schools.The Boost! model is based on a community school framework which implies that schools not only provide educational services for students, but also a range of other resources for children, youth, and their families. Our Boost! Coordinator Chemay Morales-James has worked together with school principals, administration, students, and parents to evaluate the needs and wishes regarding afterschool programs. In the fall of 2017, BTS created a comprehensive report on Boost! and its progress to date. Read the full Boost! Report here.
To learn more about Boost! contact Chemay:

Trauma-informed care


In the fall of 2017, BTS' Early Care Collaborative Action Network organized a Symposium for Children's Mental Health. The event was attended by more than 360 preschool, kindergarten, and daycare providers, administrators, and staff. Inspired by the event, BTS wrote an OpEd for the CT mirror. Read the CT Mirror Article here.  

BTS followed up the symposium with a series of three half-day workshops for Waterbury's home visitors.

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To learn more about the specific goals and strategies of Bridge to Success partners, visit our Strategies page. If you want to know more about the data we use and how we use it. Email Dr. Kris Noam, our Director of Research and Evaluation


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