What is the purpose of this Request for Information (RFI)?

This Request for Information (RFI) is designed to respond to specific needs identified by schools participating in the Boost Partnership, by connecting them to available community resources and services.


What is the Boost Partnership?

Boost! is an after school framework designed to identify specific needs, based on data, in each of the four pilot schools. Based on a community school model, Boost! links schools to community partners who provide services or programs to serve students and their families. BTS-Boost! has taken an inventory of internal and external services, programs, and activities in the 4 participating pilot schools that serve pre-K-8 students. Based on 2017 student surveys and asset mapping reporting, Boost! schools are currently seeking programs for students in the following areas:

  • Basketball
  • Math
  • STEM
  • Cooking
  • Drawing
  • Team building
  • Painting
  • Emotional Behavioral Support
  • Spanish

Please know that these needs are not fixed and may change from year to year. In fact, as BTS-Boost continues to collect new data, such as family needs, this information will be updated on this page and will be shared in our newsletter. Be sure to subscribe to the BTS newslettter for updates on this and other BTS news.


Who should respond to this RFI?

Any organization or group that is currently serving Waterbury children and/or families, or is interested in working with the Boost Partnership, to ensure Waterbury youth succeed in school, work and life.


Respondents may be 501c3 nonprofit organizations, business organizations, religious groups, government agencies, professional associations or other groups that want to play a role in supporting student wellness and achievement. The organization could offer to provide services in the schools and/or inform us about existing capacity to serve students outside the schools.


Please note this RFI is not targeted to individuals wishing to volunteer in the schools.


How do I participate in this RFI?

Complete the form below. All submitted proposals will be reviewed by the BTS Partnership. In collaboration with the Waterbury Public School, they will jointly determine which organizations they are interested in pursuing partnership conversations with. We ask that organizations/groups not contact the schools directly.


The same organization is encouraged to submit multiple RFIs for different proposed programs or services. Deadline for RFI submissions is November 30, 2017. If you have any questions regarding the RFI process, please email Chemay Morales-James, Boost Coordinator, Bridge to Success, at or call (203)754-0040.

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We invite you to join us in continuing to help Waterbury’s youth succeed in school, work and life - join us today!


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